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How To Find The Best IELTS Class Near You: Tips For Choosing The Right Institute


Searching for the best IELTS class near you can be done by assessing the institute's reviews, teaching staff, mock exam plans, and location.

Hefty research on what’s favorable for you, whether location-wise or in terms of student-to-faculty ratio or price affordability, assists in making a reasonable decision on choosing the right IELTS consultant. Below are some significant pointers that must be considered while selecting an IELTS preparation class.

  1. Check its students' reviews or success stories. Nothing tells more than the students who have previously engaged with the consultancy themselves.
  2. Go through the institute’s profiles on social media platforms and websites to check what they are offering at the moment.
  3. Ensure the IELTS training center you have chosen enrolls you with a well-trained professional in the area.
  4. Check if the institute provides you with a sample mock test. It is often a good sign if they do provide.
  5. Being the best IELTS class doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Ensure the price they offer you is more like an investment than an expenditure.

English Language Evaluation

Before starting your IELTS journey, it is crucial to understand your English language level. By doing so, you will figure out your weak and strong points with the areas that must be highly focused on.

At UniPort, we initially start by assessing your English level. Well, this helps to understand what is suitable for you and create a strategy to bring out the best in you.

If you want to assess your English language, call us at +977-9801090852 / 01-5911333.

Initial Free Mock Test With Expert Feedback

Expert reviews and feedback are a must to know where you stand. Not only this, but it also lets you experience the real exam environment beforehand.

Initially, UniPort provides you with a free mock test and expert evaluation. It is set as an actual test environment, and the results are also handed out in the same manner. Altogether, you can get step-by-step guidelines on areas to improve and focus on.

Drop us your info for our free mock test and expert feedback!

Experienced Teaching Faculty

The higher experience and qualifications the consultants usually have, the better facilities and quality of coaching they typically provide. Hence, you must assess the capability of the IELTS institution you are applying to.

As for UniPort, we stand with well-trained professional teaching faculty with years of experience in the particular field. Our academic counsellors are all alumni from the USA and UK. They have been in the educational field for years of experience on hand.

Study Materials, Tests, And Webinars

A systematic study schedule requires well-equipped and organized study materials. Furthermore, it is also necessary to have practice tests every now and then with regular exercises on all four sections.

We at UniPort include fun learning word games to help with our student's vocabulary. Likewise, we also provide mock tests every Sunday, which will be assessed later in one-to-one sessions with the students. Moving on, you can also expect loads of exclusive webinars on related topics.

To enjoy all these endless benefits of UniPort’s services, join us as a member today!

Preparing IELTS With UniPort

UniPort is a technologically driven education company, and we take pride in our team of experienced instructors and language experts. Our IELTS classes are equipped with tailored coaching, practice tests, and study materials.

Moreover, we provide you with the flexible learning time of your choice alongside the affordable IELTS membership fee of Rs. 7,500. Our membership benefits include the following.

  • 6 weeks of classes with a mock test every Sunday.
  • Various learning materials such as course books, practice books, and practice pdf.
  • IELTS date booking and TRF collection by the UniPort team.
  • One-to-one interaction and doubt-clearing session for the test-appearing students.

Words From The Students Themselves

Do not just trust our words; look for our students' reviews!

"Uniport has the best environment you will ever need if you are preparing for your abroad studies.
Everyone here is so friendly, helpful and understanding, and they will make sure you get the right university.
I would specifically like to thank Apurva Mam, who was my IELTS instructor. She not only helped me through my IELTS but was very attentive towards everything that I needed to.
I recommend uniport to EVERYONE!!" - Sabina Khadka

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