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Scholarships For Nepalese Students In The US


A Nepali student should have an above-average GPA of 3 or a B grade, with SAT scores above 1200, to gain a scholarship in the US.

There are typically four kinds of scholarships; merit-based, need-based, need-blind, and institutional. All these scholarships are open to meritorious international students depending on their criteria, courses, and universities they are applying for. Hence, it is crucial to understand the scholarship requirements, application, and closing date in detail to avoid missing them.

We have detailed these types of scholarships below, with their description, eligibility criteria, universities you can choose under the plan, and the application process.

Merit-Based Scholarships

It is awarded to those applying students who show excellence in academics, athletics, or the arts. Your grades define your eligibility for this scholarship, regardless of your financial status. However, it doesn’t mean that every good grade may qualify for a merit scholarship, as some universities might have some other requirements to meet.

To gain a merit-based scholarship, students must have an academic GPA of 3 or B Grade. Again, most providers give priority to those students with a GPA of 3.5 or A Grade, but the policy differs from university to university. Likewise, you will also need to submit your complete application with academic test scores from every year, any extra test scores like SAT, language proficiency tests like IELTS, PTE, GRE, or TOEFL, and any of your extracurricular achievements.

To elaborate, the submission of a complete application with the required documents in place will likely put a good impression on the selection committee. Similarly, your extra tests, language proficiency tests, and even your grades will prove your academic excellence. Lastly, your extracurricular achievements will make you stand out from the rest of the academic performers, even if your academics may be a little weak.

Some of the universities that provide you with this scholarship are Clark University, East Tennessee State University (ETSU), Iowa State University, Oregon University, and so on. Moving on, applying for a scholarship is a simple task, and most of the time, the universities do provide application instructions.

  • Submit a complete application with the required documents as your academic scores, extra test scores, and so on.
  • If you have any additional skills, add them. You can add awards, certificates, published papers, and many more.
  • Always start your application early!

Need-Based Scholarships

It is awarded to students in weaker financial sections. Yes, this scholarship program lets the student enter a specific program even when they are unable to meet the financial requirements. Though universities look at your financial status for this scholarship, some universities may also require you to have a GPA above a certain threshold, or you must belong to a particular category, such as art majors, science majors, and so on.

Generally, the qualification for this scholarship is determined based on family income. Alongside, you will also be required to show academic, artistic, or athletic achievement. Hence, you must provide proof of financial documents stating the family's financial condition while applying.

For proof of financial status, you will need to create a CSS (College Scholarship Service) profile. While creating a profile, you will come across the ISFAA (International Student Financial Aid Application) form. The universities review the ISFAA form to determine your financial need and award you the need-based scholarship.

Also, it is a free form that you can download from the College Board’s website or the respective universities' website. After filling, you will need to mail this form in PDF to the admission office or upload it to your application portal. Some universities providing this scholarship are Brown University, Cornell University, and so on.

Need-Blind Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded, keeping the main focus on the applicant’s academics, grades, and skills. However, there are no fixed grade criteria to apply; however, you should meet the university's application requirements. Once you are accepted, they are ready to aid you as per your request financially.

At times, the need-blind scholarship does not refer to a full-ride. So, yes, you will need to contribute a specific portion, while the universities offer the rest after assessing your family’s condition. Yet again, there are some universities that accompany this scholarship with “full-need” pledges. This policy gives sufficient financial aid to the students.

Altogether, a handful of universities provide need-blind scholarships, some of which are Harvard University, Princeton University, MIT, and others. As you can see, most of the universities providing need-blind scholarships are not just any institutions but prestigious ones.

Scholarship Programs/Institutional Programs

This scholarship is often provided by certain religious groups, foundations, professional organizations, and charities. Generally, these programs award a specific number of student who meets their personal eligibility criteria.

Moving on, their scholarship often funds your full tuition, airfare, internships, and others. If you are one of the students funded by these programs, you will have only the university options they are connected with.

Some such scholarship programs are listed below.

  • Fulbright Foreign Student Program
  • Humphrey Fellowship Program
  • American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship
  • The Next Gen Scholarship

Overview Of Scholarships In The US

Type of Scholarship How Does It Work? Universities
Merit-Based It looks for your academic GPA of 3 or B Grade and or SAT scores above 1200. Clark University, East Tennessee State University (ETSU), Iowa State University, etc.
Need-Based It checks both your academic scores and the financial status of your family. Brown University, Cornell University, and so on.
Need-Blind It only assesses your academic grades, and if you are accepted, they aid your financial request. Harvard University, Princeton University, MIT, and many more.
Program It selects a certain number of applicants to fund them every year as per its own policies fully. Fulbright, Humphrey, etc.

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