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Some Common Mistakes Students Make During IELTS: How We Help To Improve Your Score


IELTS is a challenging test with valuable points, and students make plenty of mistakes as they are not able to follow the instructions closely. Even a mistake that you may deem “simple,” such as capital letters, punctuation, fluency, and so on, might cost you the dream of studying abroad.

With IELTS, the students are tested in four major categories (listening, reading, writing, and speaking), which may be stressful, to begin with. Hence, we are here to help you with some common mistakes that students often make time and again across the four sections of the test.

IELTS Writing Test

Generally, the writing section of IELTS is a common weak point for most students, and they also secure low marks in this section. But why do you think it is like that? Below are some of the typical errors students encounter during the test.

  1. Not understanding the word count: The word count is there for a reason, and you must not go either too low or high with it.
  2. Stuffed connective words: While it is good to use connective words, stuffing more than necessary will only degrade the writing quality.
  3. Starting off-topic: It is the students’ prime focus to answer the task with a proper paragraph structure. Hence, you must understand and analyze the question properly before writing.
  4. Highly packed main ideas: Writing is about integrating and explaining a central concept in detail. However, students sometimes pack multiple main ideas in each of their sentences.

IELTS Listening Test

Unlike other sections, the listening test is solely based on your practice. However, even after loads of practice, students tend to make mistakes, and some of such common errors are listed below.

  1. Trying to predict answers: Students should be focused on something other than a fixed possible answer while focusing on the audio. Doing so, you might miss the real answer.
  2. Leaving blank answers: During the listening test, there is no negative mark for blank answers; hence, instead of leaving it blank and getting confused later, it is better to fill it with your guessed answer.
  3. Losing focus / too tense: Like every occasion, keeping calm is the key. However, most students tend to get tensed and lose focus when they are unable to find the answers.
  4. Lack of opportunity for listening practice: We live in a non-English nation, and hearing English speakers is a rare sight. Therewith, when we directly sit for a listening test, some students have difficulty understanding native English speakers. This results in panicking and not understanding the said information.

IELTS Reading Test

The reading section of IELTS can be overwhelming to students due to the enormous passage and limited time frame. Hence, you must keep an eye out for details with a strong understanding of English. However, errors occur every now and then due to simple misses or carelessness, and some of such common errors are discussed below.

  1. Reading the whole passage: While you are at this section of the test, the time is limited, and reading the entire passage is an issue. Always try to understand the question and skimp through the passage for similar content.
  2. Casual understanding of the question: The main factor in scoring high in the reading section is the thorough understanding of the question and the skill to paraphrase it. Hence, do not just read the question without understanding the meaning it is referring to.
  3. Time management: Allotting the same amount of time for all three sections is a big no! This is because the difficulty level of the reading section increases as you move further on the test. Hence, the first section of the test must take you the least time.
  4. Not following the instructions: The reading section has a question with instructions such as “Write no more than two words or a number.” Hence, you are not allowed to write this answer (Indian Government) as “The Government of India.”

IELTS Speaking Test

The speaking section is all about the face-to-face interview and getting assessed in real-time, which is quite daunting for most students. Alongside your ability to hold the conversation, this section also checks your vocabulary, pronunciation, and fluency. Hence, the key is to keep calm and not go off-topic. However, some of the common errors student face in this section is mentioned below.

  1. The accent over pronunciation: Most students do not understand that accent does not affect your speaking score; hence, any of your accents are acceptable as long as it is clear with pronunciation. Therewith, trying to create an accent is a big no!
  2. Going off-topic: It is crucial to understand what the question demands and only answer along the topic line. Speaking too much or too less does not help you with the score. Hence, if you are having trouble clarifying the questions, you should ask the interviewer to repeat the question.
  3. Not using mixed sentences and topic vocabulary: Students often speak with long pauses during each sentence without interrelating those sentences together. Moving on, they do try to add a variety of vocabulary but often get off-topic quickly. Hence, using mixed sentences with the vocabulary relating to the asked topic is vital.
  4. No confidence: Though you do not have to speak as a professional in the speaking test, you sure do need to maintain confidence in your speaking ability. By saying so, you should maintain eye contact and avoid mumbling.

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