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Self Apply Vs Applying From UniPort: What's The Difference?


Starting with the basic queries that most students have, “Can you also apply for US or Canada study on your own?” Yes, you certainly can! “Then, what’s the difference between us applying on our own and applying from consultancies?”

Well, for starters, you will have expert guidance all along your application journey. Likewise, saved time and effort on your side, reduced deadline pressures, and maximum chances of assistantship and scholarship opportunities.

Self Apply Vs Applying From UniPort

Self-application does help you reduce costs and makes you more independent, however, a little expert help has hurt no one. In fact, the efforts that students put on for over a year while self-applying only pay off in a few cases, and most of the time, they are left disappointed.

Indeed, almost everything is available online, however, with preparations in hand, it gets difficult to keep up with everything and reach their respective deadlines.

Market Insights

Even when all the information regarding the course, program, college, university, or even application is available with just a click, the whole journey gets hard. This is because the market is dynamic, and every university or college has its own set of requirements.

Hence, having an expert hand who knows the changing conditions gives much more access to information that you may not get your hands into yourself.

Time Management

As you start your application journey, it is crucial to follow up regularly so you can get the updates and move on to the next step right away. However, students are bound to miss one or two details without proper guidance.

Additionally, when you are self-applying, there will be no one that you can turn to for updates during your wait time. However, a consultant can provide you with the details as they get into direct contact with the universities.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility is an important part of your college application. Also, it not only depends upon understanding the university/college requirements but also understanding your profile and finding yourself the right fit choice.

Admission Requirements

Even when the Internet provides you with every tiniest detail about admission to a certain university/college, students may miss out on information hence, it is only advisable to go per the official websites of the applying institute.

Here, the official experts have multiple connections with university representatives which makes it easier for them to understand the criteria for you. In such a way, you will be able to carefully craft the other documents (such as Letter of Recommendation (LOR), Statement of Purpose (SOP), CV, Essay, and so on).

Merit-based Scholarship

Even when you are fully aware of the different kinds of scholarship options provided by your choice of university, it gets pretty hard to bag the deal. The merit-based scholarship is not only limited to your GPA but also depends upon your SAT score and choosing a right fit university.

Therefore, professional help is needed to craft your application as they have more information on that topic.

Graduate Assistantship

As a mere fact, the chances of your graduate assistantship opportunities increase with professional help since they will help you build your academic profile accordingly. It may include adding all your extra merits or even internships.


Moving on, the application journey requires you to fill out multiple forms. After applying to university, you will move on to further processing. During the process, you will also be required to fill out DS160.

Here, DS160 is a quite long form and often hard for students when filling out. Hence, having an expert to guide you will be the best.

Interview Prep & Travel

Even after the application process ends, it is just the starting point for your study abroad. Booking dates, appearing for the interview, and even planning after a visa are a lot more hectic.

With loads of students and fewer visa dates, booking the interview is a lot harder than you imagine. Hence, having an expert’s back would mean they would aware you instantly when the dates are available which reduces your workload.

Likewise, booking an interview date is followed by you appearing for the same interview. Yes, you will get help from the internet on how you should present yourself, how things may go, or how you should say your part. But can some random online talks meet up with the quality experts who know what goes on inside the head of the interviewer?

Lastly, the travel plans. The job of these expert guidance goes beyond the process of getting a visa. Yes, they even help you after the visa and to make you comfortable and assisted until finally you land on your destination. From money issues to flight tickets, they have it all!

At UniPort, we believe in the notion that with little help, anyone can do it. Thus, You Can Do It!

It's not just you with this journey; in fact, we have US-educated counsellors who have done this multiple times before gathering 250+ visas over 2 years. Apart from their knowledge, we are equipped with exclusive webinars where you will get a chance to come and talk one-on-one with the university representatives themselves.

If this seems like your call, book your seat with us, and we’ll guarantee full satisfaction with our service.

Whether you may be looking for a genuine guide, a helping hand on your application process, or just a last-minute touch-up with visa prep, UniPort stands for your help.

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