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The Digital SAT In Nepal: Everything There Is To Know About It!


This Spring, 2023, the SAT for the US college application will be digital in Nepal with an entirely computer-based, shorter exam period.

At the moment, it is applicable to all international students but will only be applicable to American students from 2024. Well, the College Board announced the digital SAT due to COVID’s impact. Likewise, most administrators and students positively responded to the news. So, what exactly has changed with this new idea?

Use of Computer

The new digital SAT will obviously require a computer or laptop, which will be provided by the test centers themselves. However, if you wish to take your own laptop, you can also do that.

The test must be taken at the exam centers only, and you can not take it at your own home. During the test, if you encounter any Internet problems, you will still have your saved progress, and you won’t lose any time until and unless you log in again.

What does it mean for you?

As you are using a computer, the entire exam will be taken and submitted online. You can even flag the question you are having difficulty with and come back to the same one later.

Computer Adaptive

The new digital SAT is computer adaptive. It means if you perform well in the first section of the exam, the questions will get more difficult in the latter section, and you have a higher probability of scoring more on the overall test and vice versa.

Altogether, the performance in your first section will determine the difficulty level of the questions in the second section.

What does it mean for you?

With adaptive computer technology, you can easily forecast your performance. If you do well in the first section, the chances are high that your score is probably above 600 by then. Hence, the questions tend to get harder and harder with every other level you reach.

Format Of The Question

The new digital SAT has a different question format with more focus given to grammar rather than paragraphs. Moving on, it has also included a note-taking section which is comparatively easier than the other sections.

What does it mean for you?

You will have a huge advantage point in the note-taking section; however, it is also the part most students struggle with.

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Altogether, you will have three question types in the test; send us a message to find out which.

The Verbal & Math Sections Have Become Easier

The new SAT has more relatable questions that are applicable to college skills and knowledge. Altogether, the exam will have direct questions and shorter reading passages that contribute to the shorter timeframe.

This section consists of questions that students can use in their college time and prepares them for real college. Likewise, the math section has fewer reading parts. Furthermore, this section is not divided into “Math with calculators” and “Math without calculators.” Instead, the entire math section can be solved by using a calculator.

What does it mean for you?

Overall, the digital SAT exam is more accessible and less stressful to students. These questions are also more focused on assessing what students need to know for college preparation. Moving on, you can use either a digital or physical calculator to solve the problem.

Availability of Test Dates

Unlike the paper SAT, the digital SAT has exam dates every two months hence, making it more accessible than it used to be before.

Likewise, some of the other changes in the SAT are listed below.

  • The digital SAT test will last only two hours instead of the previous three hours.
  • The result of the digital SAT will be published in 15 days rather than taking weeks like before.

Similarities of Digital SAT With Older Version

Although there are loads of significant changes in the test alone, it also has multiple similarities with the old version. Some of such similarities are mentioned below.

  • The digital SAT preparation is the same as the older version.
  • The content (digital SAT course) is exactly the same.
  • Students are scored as they were before.
  • The colleges use and evaluate the students in the same way as before.

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