25 Jan 20242 min read

Top Part-time Jobs In Canada For International Students


First thing first, you can have part-time jobs as an international student in Canada upon approval. This allows you to work for 20 hours a week while you can work full-time during the breaks.

Often these part-time works not only provide flexibility in your schedule but also pay you handsomely. Some of the popular part-time works in Canada are as follows.

Freelancer (C$25 per hour)

Freelancing works can be for writers, web designers, or graphic designers. As long as you are creative and open to work, you will get paid by working from anywhere and at any time of your liking.

One of the best pointers is that you can also decide on what you want to work as well. For starters, you can also bag projects from Upwork, Fiverr, and so on which will also add skills to your resume.

Tutor (C$10-20 per hour)

If you are good with people and love helping others to learn beside you, this job is perfect for you. Depending upon the difficulty level of certain subjects, you will be paid accordingly.

Additionally, you can even choose whom you want to teach and the students may be primary kids, university/college level students or even your own peers. To start on this, you can join the tutoring program within the university/college or even start independently.

Delivery Driver (C$14-25 per hour)

It is one of the most popular jobs due to its flexibility and fun nature. Being a delivery driver, you can work as per your wish and even have off-days whenever you want.

Generally, the most earning hours for this job are during the mornings, evenings, and weekends. To start this work, you must be more than 21 years old and have a dependable car with a permit.

Server/Bartender (C$11 per hour + tips)

Being a server or bartender is not a high-paying job however, it is quite popular due to the tips that come after the service. Furthermore, it also has flexible working hours with entry-level responsibilities.

Here, you can earn tips of 15 to 20% a night depending upon your working hour and location.

Salesperson/Retail Worker (C$10-50+ per hour)

Depending upon your work skills and the nature of the work you pick up, this job pays quite a lot. If it is commission-based work, you will be paid on the basis of the work done.

To join this line of work, you should be able to make good communication and persuade people.

There are multiple other choices apart from the jobs mentioned in the list. You can also work on-campus which pays you decently such as a Teacher’s Assistant (C$15 per hour), Library Assistant (C$14 per hour), and so on.