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Study In The US: You Do Not Need These Documents To Apply


As an aspiring individual dreaming of applying for higher studies in the US, you might have a lot of doubts related to documentation- What documents do I need to prepare? What documents are not required? Will the documents I have suffice? and so on. Being in confusion is obvious due to a lot of noise you must go through once you decide to study in the USA. Your friends say one thing, your consultant says another, and your cousins abroad say something else. On top of that, google also doesn't give you straightforward answers. You suffer from information overload.

While applying for any country, you need documents related to your academics, financials, and identity. You might find many articles telling you what documents are required to apply to study in the US. To make your research on documentation easier,  we came up with a list of documents you absolutely do not require to apply in the US. Let's check them out and save yourself from unnecessary documentation hassle.

Academic Documents

Migration Certificate

In the case of academics, a migration certificate is a document you need when transferring from one university to another. For example, suppose you were a student of Tribhuvan University for your bachelor's and want to study at Kathmandu University for your master's. In that case, you must get your previous university's migration certificate. In simple words, a migration certificate is required for you to be registered as a student in the universities of Nepal.

However, a migration certificate is not required when applying to US universities. So, you don't need to worry if you do not have your migration certificate.

Financial Documents

Property Valuation Documents

Suppose you are applying to countries like Australia. In that case, you need property valuation documents as these countries want to access your financial capability via documents. However, in the case of the US, you do not need property valuation as it is during the interview, where they will ask some questions related to your financial stability. They get to access what they want to come to a decision.

Relationship Documents

Again, you may not own lots of property at the tender age of 18 to 25. The property that you may have may belong to your parents or grandparents. Thus, countries like Australia ask for relationship documents, but in the case of the US, you do not need any related documents to prove anything. We hope the information is relieving enough to know.

Loan Documents

While applying for the US, you do not need to present your loan documents, as any loan can indicate that you are financially unstable. And, no university asks for such documents.

Income Tax Papers

Income tax papers are required to apply for countries like Australia, Canada, UK, but it is not a requirement for the US.

Letter From Sponsors

A letter from sponsors is like a declaration statement made by people living in the US stating that they will be financing your education or staying in the US until your university/college program is completed. However, it is not a requirement.

Bank Statements

A bank balance statement is a detailed financial transaction of your bank account. It is not required by universities in the US during the application or even visa interview. The only document that is needed is your bank balance certificate.

Insurance Document

Since your insurance will be taken by the university once you get registered or accepted as a student at that university, you do not need to collect any documents related to other insurance to apply to the US.

Identity Documents

Medical Reports

In the case of the US, you do not need medical reports to apply for universities, but if your US visa is granted, depending upon your university and the state at which the university is located, you might need to show your vaccination history. If certain vaccine requirements are not fulfilled, you must take them beforehand. However, submitting other medical reports related to your diseases and treatments is unnecessary.

Biometric Appointment Documents

You do not need biometric appointments while applying for the US because your biometrics will be taken as an entry requirement on the day of your visa interview date.

Police Clearance Certificate

A police clearance certificate is also not required.

Hope this list of documents has made it easier for US aspirants like you to not waste their time preparing unnecessary documents while applying for the US. Also, click here to learn about stepwise procedures to apply to the US.

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