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Student Accommodation In The US: Cost & How To Find It


Any international student moving to the US has two housing options; on and off campus. On-campus accommodation costs tentatively between $9,500-15,000 a year while off-campus accommodation costs range from $6,000-9,000 an academic year.

Here, the on-campus housing costs cover extra expenses such as utility, water, and electricity bills while the off-campus costs do not.

On-Campus Housing ($9,500-15,000 a year)

For international students in the US, on-campus housing is quite expensive than most off-campus housing options however, it comes with its own perks.

The US universities provide multiple dorm room choices such as private suites, apartments, and residence halls. Hence, students can choose among the options. Here, most universities make it a compulsion for first-year students to live in a dorm.

Usually, a dorm consists of 1 to 5 students living together with shared TVs, a kitchen, laundry, and a bathroom. Likewise, students are presented with the meal plan as per their chosen packages.

Today, some of the on-campus housing costs cheaper than off-campus housing. Hence, it is advisable that you check the official website portal of the university or college itself.

Off-Campus Housing ($6,000-$9,000 an academic year)

In the US, off-campus housing provides international students with two major options; apartments and homestays. Often the cost of off-campus housing differs with location and the type of accommodation.

Apartments ($800-2,000 a month)

Generally, senior and graduate students go for apartments to live independently. The cost of the apartment is quite expensive and varies as per the location, square area, number of rooms, demand, and condition.

Homestays ($600-1,000 a month)

It is the most popular housing option among international students and is much cheaper than apartments.

The students get to live with an American family where they get a private room for themselves, while the other facilities are to be shared alongside the members of the family they are staying with.

To book a homestay, students can get access to certified homestays through the American Homestay Network Database where they have to pay $300 upfront.

Tips To Find Student Accommodation In The US

Before starting the search for accommodation options, it is crucial to identify and pinpoint your budget and location.

Not to mention, there are multiple factors to consider while choosing an accommodation. One of the important factors is how far along you stay from the university you are studying in. Try to get in close proximity however, if it is not possible, you should also check transportation options.

Below are some of the tips to find appropriate housing.

  • Most of the US universities have their own housing options hence, visiting their official website will provide you with the needed information.
  • You can also opt for online platforms such as AmberStudent, Uniplaces, Homelike and many more.
  • Also, look for common student groups on Facebook and other social media platforms.

How Does UniPort Help?

UniPort flaunts a young group of US-educated counsellors who will help you even after a visa grant.

Our counsellors are well-versed in the ongoing market trends and hence, will assist you get the right fit housing under the budget. Before this, they will give you a thorough detail on the housing options discussing its pros and cons as well as your preferences.

For this journey of connecting you with the right housing options we even have a membership class. In this class, they will not only talk about accommodation but everything in general that will help you to study in the US such as the culture, your study journey, and even jobs.

For more details and help, book your call with us or leave us a message!

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